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Our food products offer a higher nutritional content, are certified organic, and are produced 100% in Costa Rica.

About us


Our company has more than 10 years of experience trading certified organic food products in Costa Rica. We firmly believe in delivering to our customers products of the best nutritional content, following organic standards that respect and thank our environment, for giving us so much.

At Nuaterra we try to cover the growing demand for quality healthy foods, adding variety to our demanding clientele.


Organic rice


Nuaterra adds value to the national food supply with a rice proudly produced in Costa Rica, which has been certified as organic from its sowing until the final packaging. In addition, the shelf life our rice is extended thanks to the special packaging used. 

Organic Beans


An indispensable and highly nutritious food.

Increase the quality and organic content in your diet with the delicious Nuaterra beans. 

Dried Organic Pineapple


The sweet and acid taste of pineapple is the favorite of many.

For this reason, we have prepared a dried organic pineapple snack that will allow you to satisfy your passion in a more practical and healthy way.


Dried Organic Bananas


A healthy and delicious snack.

We have captured the sweet and insatiable flavor of the banana, in an original, small and convenient presentation that you can take to your work, study center, trip or any other place. 


Organic production


The organic production not only improves your health, but also impacts positively on the environment when compared to conventional production methods. Studies have shown that the organic farming contributes to the local biodiversity by being free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides; and by being based on good agricultural practices. In addittion, organic farming does not contaminate underground water sources, improves soil quality sustainably, and reduces greenhouse gases by fixing more carbon in the ground.

Nuaterra food products are a certified as organic following the organic standards of the European Community and Costa Rica. Our products are free of preservatives.

For your health


With our organic food products, you will avoid the consumption of the harmful residual chemicals, typically found in conventional food after the intensive use of pesticides. Furthermore, by consuming Nuaterra rice you will be accessing natural nutrients that will benefit your metabolism.

We are sure you will notice in the difference in color, aroma, taste and texture.

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