Organic Rice

We are proud to differentiate our top-quality organic rice in a responsible way toward our customers and environment. We follow the organic regulations of Costa Rica and the European Union (CE).

We have made a great effort to innovate with a vacuum packaging, which provides an enhanced preservation of our product.

White Rice


White rice is an essential component on the Costa Rican, and very popular in many other countries. White rice is an extremely versatile food which can be enjoyed accompanied by meats or salads, mixed with beans in our beloved rooster, cooked with chicken or shrimp, or as an ingredient for stews, fillings and other common dishes.

Brown rice


If you wish to enrich further your diet, then brown rice is your best choice. The high fiber content increases the level of satiety and makes the metabolism work more actively, helping you to lose weight and fight common problems such as constipation. Additionally, when incorporating brown rice into your diet, the higher antioxidant content will help prevent signs of aging.