Organic Beans


We would have failed our demanding and responsible consumers if the organic beans were not included in Nuaterra’s offer.

We complement our organic food selection with one of the most consumed foods in Costa Rica and worldwide. Our beans are vacuum packed and certified organic by the regulations of Costa Rica and the European Union.

Black Beans


Beans are a healthy source of protein and fiber, which helps build muscle and reduce cholesterol, among other benefits.

Apart from being the indispensable companion of rice in our beloved “gallo pinto”, beans can be prepared whole or ground in countless delicious dishes such as burritos, stewed with beef or pork, empanadas, soups and salads.

Red Beans


If you want to add more variety to your dishes, do not hesitate to choose Nuaterra red beans. These beans are especially requested by our customers to prepare typical Mexican dishes such as refried beans, bean stew with bacon, chorizo or pork, or charro beans.

Various nutritional studies indicate that red beans are digested better than black beans; so you already have another reason to prefer them.